Mose ft. Janax Pacha – Ibiza Sunset

This set was filmed on September 20th, 2021 to align with the full moon equinox energy. The set is totally improvised between Janax Pacha and I. I have a collection of loops that make up the ingredients of the different tracks that we move through with the timing and weaving of these loops being totally improvised based on the energy of each unfolding moment. We had no plan for which songs to explore and just did our best to tune in and listen to what wanted to come through. You can see us communicating here and there just to establish the key of the track and the bpm – beyond that the conversation is just through feeling the vibes.

The island behind us is called Es Vedra and it has quite a mythology around it and a reputation for being one of the most potent vortex points on the earth. With the combination of all of these energies, this set was incredibly powerful for those few of us present for us. When we finished I felt like I was journeying with an entheogenic substance. This for me is a beautiful sign that we journeyed to deep places and opened ourselves as channels for something meaningful and hopefully transformational to come through us as musicians. I can only hope that this journey offers something of meaning to you in your current process.

Cortesía: Mosemusica



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